The only thing better than music... LIVE MUSIC


Selecting your wedding music is an exciting part of bringing together your special day. Music sets the mood from when your guests arrive, to walking down the aisle, cocktail hour, and those high-energy dancefloor vibes. Chances are you’ve not booked entertainment before, and selecting music and who will play it is a crucial decision.

Liam offers a bespoke live music experience that creates the perfect soundtrack for your wedding day. Clients are even able to log in to the site to make music requests and organise other event details to ensure it all goes smoothly on the big day.


From annual meetings to industry conferences and professional seminars; music matters. It sets the mood, cues up key moments and energises attendees for a memorable event. 

Plus, music activates the reward and pleasure centres in the brain, helping establish positive memories of the event, and even improving the absorption of critical takeaways. 

Liam Dalby Music can create a thoughtful music strategy for your corporate event and offer music choices that improve the temp and vibe from the AM coffee break to the final after-party!



A good live act can leave an imprint recorded music will never match. It has depth, dynamics, and a quality of sound audiences love. Music activates your memory and can attach itself to new memories so it's essential that your music choices suit your event. 

Liam's repertoire is based on decades of experience at festivals, race meets and concerts, so he can make music choices that are in tune with your event. You can rest assured knowing your entertainment will be perfectly tailored to the theme and create the vibe you need.


We all know the impact of live music at a bar. pub or cafe.We might look at it as entertainment, but service providers have long used music to create an emotional connection between a product and the customer, which in turn drives profitability.

It influences the overall feeling and positive vibe people get from spending time in your venue

and keeps them coming

back for more. 

This isn't his first rodeo, so Liam brings a flexible setlist of music from a range of genres, tempos and styles to enhance how customers view the quality of your service and venue.



Liam creates an electric atmosphere and will ensure your event is remembered. With a unique sound, 25 years experience and a captivating charisma, Liam, has played at private functions in boutique backrooms; for hundreds of guests at weddings; and on centre stage at the Australian Music Awards.



Whether you’re hosting a backyard soirée or a black-tie bash, Liam has a range of music packages to suit.